Mission Rock

Transforming a surface parking lot…

…into waterfront parks, hundreds of affordable homes, and jobs for San Francisco.

Crafted through ten years of neighborhood outreach and community planning, Mission Rock will transform a surface parking lot just south of AT&T Park into a vibrant new community that includes 1,500 new rental homes with 40% dedicated to affordable units for low- and middle- income families, 8 acres of parks and open space, and small retail shops and cafes. Existing parking will be consolidated into a safe structure and will responsibly account for the needs of the neighborhood. Mission Rock will protect against sea level rise, and generate over $1 billion in revenue for San Francisco.

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Former Mayor Art Agnos

“Mission Rock touches all the bases. It has reasonable heights, several acres of parks and open space and hundreds of new rental homes affordable to lower-income and middle-class San Franciscans — the most ever for a private project in our City’s history. This project will bring a spark to what is an unfinished area, transforming it into a vibrant neighborhood.”

Katy Liddell, Neighbor

“Over the years, I’ve been to a number of public workshops. The Giants have listened to us and taken our feedback and adjusted Mission Rock because of what we’ve said.”

Tom Nolan, Former SFMTA Board Member

“Mission Rock is the perfect location for things that are there right now. Existing lines and planned lines like the Central Subway, the E line and then you have Caltrain right there.”

Sunny Schwartz, Neighbor

“I’m thrilled! We’re more than excited. We are hungry for a project like this!”

San Francisco Chronicle, Editorial

“It brings life to an outdated waterfront and puts a sizable dent in the city-wide concern about housing costs and availability. It also sets a new standard in affordable pricing, a model for future proposals. Vote yes on Proposition D.”

Dean Macris, Former San Francisco Planning Director

“It introduces something that is sorely needed in the Mission Bay community and that is a community place.”

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